The taste of Baroness’ life
Double room
2 beds
Private bathroom
CHF 270 per room
CHF 230 as single room
incl. organic breakfast
Lunch/Dinner and unforgettable guided tour through 6 floors museum according to your wishes.

Baroness room's history...

The guest enters in a peaceful, aristocratic but also rural suite. The bedroom is originally furnished with a canopy bed out of pure Swiss pine wood, dated of the begin of the

18th century, from the St. Moritz’s area and one bed with baldachin from around 1880.

The magnificant plates of bone china with their perfect painted roses of KPM

(Königliche Porzellanmanufaktur Berlin) date back to the year 1760, a time where the preindustrialisation already slowly began. The fine portraits on the walls remind the glamour of the world’s most famous castles in England, France and Germany.

This suite is the perfect match between the good old days and today’s splendid view throughout the windows to the unique mountain’s and village’s setting which makes your stay unforgettable.

There is a direct connection to a bathroom in an authentic Belle Epoque’s style. The still existing flue and a wood stove remind us that this room was an ancient small kitchen.