The classic English paradise
2 beds
Private bathroom
Price for the room
incl. organic breakfast: CHF 270
as single room: CHF 230
Lunch/Dinner and unforgettable guided tour through 6 floors museum according to your wishes.

English room's history...

This charming and characteristic guest room remind you to the English lifestyle of the second half of the 19th century, the time when the archaeologists Howard Carter and the Earl of Carnarvon discovered excited Egypt and digged in the land. Also the time when Jugendstil became a fantastic and miraculous art at its best and the tourism in the Swiss Alps achieved an incomparable revival thanks to the spectaculare and eclectic sceneries of the mountains’ nature.

In this room our guests have the chance to sleep as people were used at around 1880. Two handcrafted, separated beds of the time of historism are available. The wallpaper was manufactured by William Morris in England in the typical yellow manner. This meets the curtains in fine tissue with filigree chinese pagoda on it, especially designed for this unique guest room. On the walls are English plates in blue color which also date to the end of the 19th century.

And also in this area you will find old paintings on the walls and some photographs of a time, when the tourists discovered the Swiss Alps and came e.g. by train directly from Paris to Linthal, without any changing of the train waggons. Today’s tourists coming for one week from Berlin by plane to Zurich Airport and from there directly to the Landvogthaus in Nidfurn. That means homeland and allows a perfect mountain’s view out of these windows.

The yellow bathroom in the beautiful and authentic Belle Epoque’s style belongs to this room, one floor downstairs. A royal bathroom which will amaze you.