The easiness of a prince
2 beds
Private bathroom
Price for the room
incl. organic breakfast: CHF 270
as single room: CHF 230
Lunch/Dinner and unforgettable guided tour through 6 floors museum according to your wishes.

Prince room’s history...

This room of the little prince or the little princess is really perfect for young and older children, which like ancient toys as well as they prefer an interior of the Sleeping Beauty full of colours and forms. This, as in a novel of the famous Rosamunde Pilcher. The tender and warm English cloth in turquoise until a fancy rose with printed pagoda remembers to the old China, where once a noble, polite and courtly tradition influenced the whole Empire.

In this room with the oldest windows in the house, which dates of the time of baroque, you sleep heavenly in middle of well chosen and original painted furniture out of the canton Appenzell. You will also find a Glarner canopy dated from 1740. This bed is located in the Landvogthaus since it was developped. Therefore, the thinking is close, that in those beds the little prince or the little princess of the manor were living, enfold in white cloth. Fabulous dreams and unforgettable moments will certainly accompany you to your home.

The yellow bathroom in the perfect and authentic Belle Epoque’s style belongs to this room, two floors downstairs. A royal bathroom which will amaze you.