The noble and cosy Cavalier‘s atmosphere
Double room
2 beds
Private bathroom
CHF 270 per room
CHF 230 as single room
incl. organic breakfast
Lunch/Dinner and unforgettable guided tour through 6 floors museum according to your wishes.

Cavalier room's history...

This room reflects a guest room where a lady may meet the Cavalier of her dreams. The huge portrait of this Cavalier in this room shows the gentleman of Paris around 1580. This Cavalier was at the time the keyholder of the world’s metropole, a very honorable, responsible and expressive function.

It may be that you will meet this Cavalier during your stay either on your 3rd floor or while a close conversation in the English garden behind the Landvogthaus between the old oaks and beeches. This guest room shows you on the one hand the aristocracy of big old France but brings you also rural furniture into your room which dates from 1890 and found directly to Nidfurn in those days, delivered from Neuchâtel’s manufactory (old labels on the bed attest this).

The plates in blue at the white stylish walls with their valuable french curtains reflect Christmas’ plates of Denmark, where nowadays a sideline of the Blumers is living. These blue plates are released, still today, each year in a new design and with a new topic, since 1908. Each piece is hand colored and burned only during its specific year. Another portrait at the wall is showing a young man of the Blumers, out of the 1760s, naturally in original condition.

The direct door to the blue bathroom shows you a godly room, also in the original Belle Epoque’s style, a generous bathroom which let you dream from the luxury of those days, when the world’s thirst bathrooms became true, the time after the known washbowls on the commodes. Did you meet the Cavalier? If not, you are invited to visit us again.