Historic Boutique Hotel
Nidfurn, Glarus


About 500 years of history...

  • Medieval Manor
    Huge Tower in Nidfurn (Glarus) was built from a massive stones with inside timber framing, in rare original condition from 1526. Private hotel with the 5 authentic bedrooms of the famous patrician family called Blumer.
  • Hotel - Museum
    All 6 floors of the Manor are originally furnished (from 1400 – 1920) and accessible as home decor museum. The combination from museum with accommodation is a unique experience in Switzerland.
  • Relaxing and Playing Rooms
    Vaulted cellar and an ample oriental room with special instruments are available during your stay. As well as childrens playing room with the historic toys. You can enjoy these moments with our local herbal teas.
  • Picturesque Surroundings
    The romantic, historic garden offers royal moments with an impressive panoramic view of the Tödi. Around the Landvogthaus are numerous mountains, forests, lakes and waterfalls.

Find your door to the history...

Open one of the 6 Landvogthaus doors to reserve a unique room in the historical resort

Let you inspire of our personal service and become part of the historic event!
Dining Rooms

Our dining rooms are individually and authentically furnished with fine antiques from different epochs. There is a Gothic room available as well as two rooms of the Renaissance.

3 dining rooms

In our various historic dining rooms you will experience a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner with a personal service at your table.

Organic food

We serve organic and regional food. Dining and drinking from old porcelain plates and glasses - unique in the Swiss Historic Hotels, as well as in Glarnerland.

Self-service room

Coffee, various exquisite teas, snacks & fruits are available for you during your stay at the Landvogthaus.

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  • This feeling of being in the past, 400 years ago. I'll definitely be coming back here in winter, but with friends.

    Carlos Pinedes, Spain
  • An unbelievable trip into the past, surounded by beautiful objects in every room and by interesting thoughts into what might have gone by many years before.

    Professor Arthur Jaffe, Harvard University USA
  • It must be a delight to be able to live with the history around you every day.

    Bruce Walker, USA